January 14, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

Well, I just got a $75 parking ticket in my neighborhood for "double parking" my cousin Ben's car. I have had it all of one hour and there goes enough money to cover my gas and electric and wireless bills for the month. I've seen cars park in this space before, but nope, it wasn't legal.

At first I was furious and said a few good f-ing words. Then I decided that the money I was going to use for an Oakland business license has just been realocated to their parking fund. That may still hold true. But now I'm seeing it differently and believe that this money is going to come back to me in some way because I'm a good person doing good work on behalf of Oakland. I'll even put out there that I see this $75 investment coming back to me in the form of a very affordable car for purchase. Not a $75 car but one that is within my budget.

I know, back and forth I go on buying a car. But it hit me over the holidays when I was sitting here in Oakland and only able to go as far as BART could take me. I need further access! I live in one of the most beautiful, if most debt-ridden states. The bike works great. City Car Share is fine for short runs. Now I'm ready for wheels - four of them.

Okay parking Karma gods - I know this is going to come back to me in good ways. Let's just say, I set this as your challenge for an opportunity.