January 10, 2010


Dates like these are fun. I remember 8.8.88. That was the summer when I waitressed at Brock's Restaurant in Stamford. We always wrote the date on the top of our food order checks and we had a good laugh about 8/8/88. What a fantastic summer of waiting tables, making oodles of cash and smelling like burgers. Too bad the restaurant is gone and now a soulless Cosi stands in its place. Brock's was dark and dungeness, and believe me the subterranean prep kitchen, walk-in fridge and manager's office were like a dungeon, but they had fantastic burgers and fries, and the staff were like family, fully dysfunctional in their own loving way.

3.3.3 I photographed a wedding in San Francisco City Hall at 3:33pm. That was when I was thinking of going into wedding photography as a business. Liz, who I met by way of my job at the Business Arts Council, told me she and her fiancé were eloping on 3.3.3. I immediately offered to photograph the ceremony for free. It was so much fun shadowing the two of them and their two guests through city hall. The images came out beautifully. People thought that she had been married in Europe because the inside of City Hall is so old world and her dress so elegant. March 3 is also my dad's birthday so that was a fun double-cool memory.

What is in store for today?