August 6, 2009

Take 100% Resopnsibility for Your Happiness

Well, relationships are challenging, especially when you think it is going well and the other person doesn't. So, that's what has happened to me.

Yesterday, during my cross country flights, I heard a variety of quotes. Some of these are from conversations I had with folks, shows I was watching on TV and articles I read. Each one speaks to me.

-Everyone wants to quit at some point but you have to pick yourself up and continue.
-Holding hands gives someone a sense of togetherness.
-Your book is going to change the world.
-You talk how you write.
-You should write about you.
-Take 100% responsibility for your happiness.

That last one is my favorite. Be true to your heart, say what you feel - as long as it doesn't hurt others and share the love. Those are my core values.