August 29, 2009

Grooving with the Gals

Last night Hisun and I went dancing at Kitty's Bar in Emeryville, a small city located between Oakland and Berkeley - home to Pixar and Bayer. The scene was racially diverse - another benefit of the East Bay. Who knew there were fantastic dance clubs just around the corner? The scene was funky, hip and relaxed - far different from San Francisco which has a I'm-cool-don't-look-at-me-please-look-at-me vibe.

A group of us gals danced for three hours non-stop in the heat of the late San Francisco Bay Area summer. What fun to laugh, smile and go crazy with a bunch of women all in their late thirties, early forties. We took over that dance floor while the DJ encouraged us with 8o's dance tunes. Plus, we looked fantastic in our party frocks.

I felt so alive again. Dancing has always been something I've loved but rarely get to do. People gave me tons of compliments on my dancing style which made me feel even more confident. I sweated-out any last remnants of "yuck" I've been feeling for the past several weeks - a bit of a gross image but I was melting in the heat. This morning I have a fantastic feeling of calm. Even my face looks more relaxed.

There will be more dancing in my future as this place is minutes from my new apartment.