August 8, 2009

Go Deep

The advice I give my strategic planning clients is to identify your core competencies and go deep with them. Deepen the engagement, the impact and capitalize on what you recognized for and good at doing. Now I'm turning that advice on myself.

I need to deepen my routes in the Bay Area. So, I had a transition relationship. It was good and I enjoyed it, despite the surprise ending. Does that mean I'm spun off and should respond by roaming. How about I look at why I am here in the Bay Area, what I am doing that is working so well. My friends, career and location are working for me. Deepen them.

The first thing I identified that I want to change is my housing situation. This has been a very good place for me to transition back into the Bay Area and as you know from previous posts, I am ready to spread my wings. Earlier in the year I was flirting with moving back into San Francisco. But I love the pace, environment and my friends in the East Bay. So, I've started looking on CraigsList for apartments in Alameda and Oakland. To my delight there are many options in my price range - with move-in specials. I'm going to start looking next week.

I often dream of having my own kitchen and now that can happen. Plus, I could get a cat or dog if I like. All my possessions in storage can become part of my life again - well almost all - do I need everything in there? I'll have to take a look. My petite mason will be filled with artworks, colors, pots, pans, music and books. Friends will be invited over for home cooked meals. Oh the joy of it.

As soon as I had this vision of moving into my own place I was able to take a decent nap. Now I feel like a million dollars. Plus, I had a fantastic heart-to-heart with my cousin Corrina who reminded me to go deep and be true to myself. Go ahead, make plans, live my life and be confident and deliberate.