August 3, 2009

Friend Through Thick and Thin

Well, tonight I had my own little trauma drama. I stepped on a rusty nail out on my parents' deck and cut my foot. Totally in denial, I barely washed off the cut and put on some liquid bandaid stuff. Since the house was filled with mourners I walked around consulting people and the consensus was that I needed a Tetanus shot.

Thankfully, my childhood friend Lori was there with her two girls and offered to take me to the ER. The girls were so brave that I finally agreed to go. Lori and I sat in ER for five hours and caught up on life, the universe and everything. How lucky I am that she took care of me.

I recognized many of the same doctors and nurses that had helped Grammie this past Friday during our ER encounter. We had a lovely catch-up despite the situation and the fact that the ER didn't take my Kaiser insurance. Lori held my hand as I got the Tetanus shot. Now we have new crazy memories to laugh about for the next ten years.

Plus, Grammie and I now have matching bracelets!