June 15, 2009

Sleep Walking

Our adventure down to Ontario, CA (who knew there was an Ontario in California?) and back was fantastic. Yes, several hours of lost sleep but beautiful sites. Here are images from our adventure.

Shell station at sunrise.
The Oliver vise we picked up as an aside purchase to the "machine" purchase. Here's the machine on its side getting lifted into the pickup truck.

We visited Cal Poly Pomona. It happened to be commencement but we found our fun in visiting the working farm.
This dog was showing us how easy his job was hanging out with sheep. In fact it was so easy, he was bored.
Cal Poly Pomona is home to the W. K. Kellog Arabian Horse Center. This was a foal who was super friendly.

Back in Oakland I took Lilly and Joaquin for a walk and they jumped into the fishing ponds used to practice casting. How posh is Oakland to have casting pools in a public park?

Despite the dogs' bath earlier in the day they couldn't resist getting wet again. Lilly kept dropping her stick in the water so that she'd have a reason to go swimming. Joaquin, ever the jovial friend, happily followed her. In this photo Joaquin taking the lead on their third dip.