June 6, 2009

Rediscovering Oakland

I find it hard to believe but come July 2 I'll have been living back here in California for a year. This whole time I've been quite San Francisco focused with my social life and work. There are areas of Oakland that I haven't seen, that is until yesterday. I tootled around Piedmont Avenue and Uptown. Reminds me of what I loved most about Oakland when I lived there.

This City Car Share is good and also a bit bad. Good because it gives me wheels, bad because at this point I could probably buy a car for what I'm putting into these rentals. Should I get a car? Ike the Bike is keeping me in superb shape. I don't even get winded doing some extraordinary hills. But, as I feel more settled I am missing the freedom to travel far and wide in the Oakland flatlands and hills.

My possessions arrive from Houston next week and I'm starting to make more significant "purchases" if yard sales count as major shopping venues. Two weeks ago I bought a ceramic painted sink for some future bathroom I hope to have. Today I purchased downhill skis, boots and poles. Clearly, I'm committed to being here.