June 3, 2009

Moms Know Best

I've been stuck in my head writing a client's strategic plan and generally disciplining myself to stay on course whilst I prefer to wander. Leave it to my mom to notice I haven't been posting.
So here's what's on my mind:

Doctor of Business Administration
I recognized that I am very happy with my career, which challenges me every day to work harder, think smarter. The stretch goals I've set for myself are within reach and when I need to develop specific skills I will attend programs, workshops, trainings, read books and share best practices with colleagues. Conclusion: enough schooling.

Hands On Creativity
I need to express my creativity, artistically. Getting back to photography is essential for nurturing my creative heart. More work with my hands such as felting and cooking need to be higher on my list of creative outlets. This is now a personal priority.

Physical Experience
Most of my time is spent up in my head thinking for a living. Recognizing that I need to get creative I also need to get more physical. Yes, I ride Ike the Bike nearly every day which keeps me in-tune and tuned-up. I also want to ride Ike for pleasure, continue to practice my yoga, meditation and take some walks along the beach, hike, and dance.

My tendency is to start-up ventures such as the www.meetup.com/BizArts and over-commit myself to all kinds of social-pseudo-professional projects. Even though I'm good at this I actually do not derive personal pleasure - just stress. The Arts Management Consulting Community of Practice is a better focus of my time as it directly speaks to my areas of interest, expertise and builds community and collaboration. So, working on cutting back on these distractions to make more time for Hands On Creativity and Physical Experience.

Quality Time with Friends and Family
Yes, I'm making time for myself, and with that I am recognizing that key relationships with friends and family also must be nurtured. Identifying the relationships that are mutually-wonderful is becoming a personal practice of selectivity. This may sound hoity-toity but it is more about quality time with the people I love; celebrating, enjoying and savoring these relationships.

Perhaps this is a vision statement in my personal strategic plan.