May 1, 2009

Swine Flu in You?

I'm on the bus to get to BART to take a plane to get to JFK to get a ride from my dad to Connecticut to celebrate my mom and Grammie at a Jewish Community Center Gala. That's my journey and I hadn't given swine flu a single thought until o got on this bus and the driver is wearing a face mask.

Are we dirty? Is Alameda County transit making her wear the mask? Are the pilots going to be wearing masks too? I suppose in a public service job like driving a bus (is that really public service?) You are more exposed to germs.

I am noticing that each boarding rider is responding to the driver's mask. Some are smiling, others look away, I probably gave her a curious look. (Cough, cough) I hope no one thinks I'm ill with these allergies.