May 29, 2009

Living Out Loud

Today, whilst attending a client meeting, I had a what the *beep* moment when I truly realized that bloggers are "living out loud". The story goes as so...

Last week, following my visit to the SFMOMA Rooftop Sculpture Garden with Megan, I posted about the excursion. What I didn't mention in that post is that I am on a Task Force with the Garden's architect Mark Jensen. This morning we had a Task Force meeting and I was approaching Mark to say that I had seen the beautiful garden and at the same moment he said, "so, you visited the Rooftop Sculpture Garden at SFMOMA?" Huh? Did I already mention my visit? How did he know? Then it hit me, the blog.

Turns out Mark uses Google Alerts to track posts about the garden and my post showed up. Of course, now this post will too. How's that for living out loud?