May 4, 2009

Family Circle

Last night at the JCC Gala we were all dancing the hora and it was a spectacular occurrence. The dance began as mostly women, perhaps because four women were being honored. These women spontaneously grabbed a chair and began to lift each of the honorees as we danced around them (Grammie was safely on the sidelines). Women lifting women was new for this group. I was so proud of my mom for getting up there on the chair.

The chair was eventually returned to its place as the hora continued and my dad, brother and dad's friend Len joined the group of 30 or so women. Then the honorees moved into the center and danced with their families swinging each other around in two's. My brother really gained momentum with me and we were practically flying.

Our family dancing spontaneously became a circle inside the circle. My mom, dad, sister, brother and I danced as fast as we could holding hands in a circle. It was so amazing to be looking at their smiling faces as we screamed with laughter. Suddenly we were just five of us again. The circle was so small without Rachel, Mandeep and Sam. But it felt really amazing like we were back in time at one of our Bar/Bat Mitzvas whooping up a storm. It was transcendental.