May 19, 2009

Back in Sync with my "Stuff"

In the next couple of weeks my "stuff" is being transported from the Houston storage facility to one in San Francisco. This is a big commitment to staying settled in the Bay Area. For the past nine months I've questioned my next steps - should I stay or should I go? I am going to stay. This is such a great feeling!

So, three giant storage containers are being reduced to one. The items I'm keeping are all my kitchen stuff, books, CDs, art, photography equipment, and some favorite pieces of furniture. These items are going into immediate storage here in the Bay Area since I don't have room for them in my current housing. But just knowing that my favorite cookbook is a quick City Car Share ride away eases my mind.

All this stuff has been in storage since June 2006 when I relocated to Connecticut, then London, followed by DC and then back here to San Francisco (Alameda Island to be specific). Whenever I thought about this stuff my reaction was, "throw it over a cliff." But now I am excited to have it back. Perhaps I am reclaiming my history and am ready to get back in sync. As my friend Lucy says, life is a series of chapters in your œuvre and the items/experiences you carry along are the stanzas.