May 13, 2009

The Arts Need You!

That's what Michael Kaiser wrote in my copy of his book The Art of the Turnaround when I went to see him speak at The Commonwealth Club of California on Monday night. He is totally inspirational and changed my view of arts administration as a career path. Previously, for some reason, I felt uncommitted to arts management consulting - a burnout I had been feeling for about four years. Being back in San Francisco I have found a fantastic niche in strategic planning for arts organizations and that has recharged my batteries. Reading Kaiser's book totally sparked my passion and then hearing him speak has fueled the flame. The ultimate affirmation was briefly chatting with him after the event. Here's how it went:

Amy: Hi, I'm Amy Kweskin, an arts management consultant.
Michael: Nice to meet you.
Amy: I wanted to tell you that you have totally re-inspired my passion for arts administration.
Michael: Fantastic!
Amy: I was burnt out and after reading your book I realized that this is a valid career path.
Michael: That's exactly what I want to hear!
Amy: Will you sign my book?
Michael: Yes!

Here's what he wrote: "Amy, the arts need you!" Michael Kaiser

Feeling the love.