October 20, 2008

Save Oakland Arts

Well, as of tomorrow "there will be no there there" as Gertude Stein said of Oakland if the City Council follows through on their drastic proposal to cut 100% of funding to the arts and closing the Cultural Arts and Marketing Department. It would be the only city program completely cut and believe me you won't see it revived for decades.

What's the story with Oakland City Council members? Are they trying to kick this city in the heArt and soul?

Tonight we had an organizing meeting in preparation for tomorrow's City Council session. ProArts hosted and got 40+ plus people in the room with 24 hours notice. That's all the public got in terms of advance notice of the City Council's action.

Somehow I was pulled into facilitate the organizing meeting 3 minutes before it started. Tomorrow I'll be a point person for our Save Oakland Arts Vote No group. All this and I don't even live there any more...but I will always have a place in my heart for Oakland arts.