October 11, 2008

Creating Entrepreneurial Vision and Mission Statements

Today I am observing the first part of a fantastic seven session course to help artists be more entrepreneurial. It is presented by the Center of Cultural Innovation (CCI). I will be a Cluster Counselor for the final session in November.

How fantastic to be sitting here with over 50 artists from San Jose. The presenters, Nancy and Richard Walch of Walch Consulting are spectacular in that they are deeply engaging the participants I articulating their core values and writing a mission statement. Although I am sitting on the sidelines I too am participating in the exercises.

Framing your vision and mission statements is always challenging. Personally, I get buggered up in "speak", diluting my statements.

Here are some helpful suggestions from Richard and Nancy...

Vision Statement: This is where you see yourself in ten years. Talk as though you are in that place.

Mission statement: This is what I do.
This is why it is of value. This is who I do it for.

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