October 8, 2008

Berried Treasure of In-Kind Contributions

I'm contacting corporations to ask about t-shirt donations for the Mt. Baldy Fundraising Hike on October 25. This is like trying to find berried treasure!

Old Navy gave me their corporate line 1-800-old-navy. Funny thing is that I don't have a traditional keyboard on my crackberry. So, I've had to go to the internet, find a picture of a phone face and figure out the number which translates to 1.800.653.6289.

The helpful customer service person has guided me to Gap Inc's Social Responsibility page which has now guided me to an interesting non-profit called Gifts Inkind International which seems to connect non-profits with in-kind goods donated by corporations.

Hum, a fantastic organization but not exactly what I was looking to get. I'm more on the corporate sponsorship track. Back to the search.

Now I've typed in T-Shirt Donations into Google and found that Gap Inc does make donations of t-shirts. Unfortunately our timeline is too short, no surprise. They respond within six weeks.