August 6, 2008

Small Worlds Colliding

Tonight I attend the most amazing event at the house of my boss. She and her husband have a wonderful home in San Francisco in which they love to host events. This evening they invited 20 or so friends to a private performance by the jazz vocalist Dena Derose What a treat. Dena and my cousin Michael Zisman have cut albums together which makes me less than six degrees from cool. Dena was presenting a new sound and so the performance was videotaped for Promotion of her solo tour.

The other cool feature of the evening was that my cousin Carma, Michael's wife, was also there. Our worlds are colliding as Carma is also an arts management consultant with her specialization being donor development. She has been a guest at my boss' house for these performances for many years. To top that her boss is the former Director of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce when I worked there. Guess what? He was also there tonight. Small worlds colliding.

Dena had me in tears with her soulful singing. Something about the arts makes you see and feel all your pain and pleasure in technicolor. Makes me remember the time when I had a life partner who loved to share these wonderful events with me.

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