August 22, 2008

Christina Applegate is Brave

Learning about actress Christina Applegate's diagnosis of breast cancer I was totally shocked. Her treatment was even more shocking.

Here's an excerpt from the ABC Good Morning America report:

To be sure the cancer would be completely excised, and that there would be a reduced chance of it returning despite Applegate testing positive for the BRCA1 breast cancer gene, the actress opted to have both her breasts removed in an operation known as a prophylactic double mastectomy, even though cancerous lumps were only found in one breast.

"My decision, after looking at all the treatment plans that were possibilities for me, the only one that seemed the most logical and the one that was going to work for me was to have a bilateral mastectomy," Applegate said.

Watch the interview here (warning- turn down the volume for the pre-interview commercial which is blaring).

Her choice of treatment is brave, especially for a 36 year old, single woman. I am amazed that she is capable of conducting an interview three weeks after the surgery. A good actress or just totally grounded?