June 30, 2008

Our Safe Word

I had the most spectacular afternoon and evening with my good friends Rachel and David in Oakland. Just like my sibs safely catching me when I arrived in DC, Rachel and David are here for me in the Bay Area.

David is attempting to entice me to move to their Oakland neighborhood - which use to be my neighborhood too in 2000. We walked to a bakery, had chai and then found an awesome free desk on the way back to their place to meet Rachel who was finishing her work-from-home day. Then we took a road trip up to the Oakland Hills to visit with Rachel's mule named Pippi Longstocking. Wonderful views and amazing animal.

From here I strong armed D&R to visit Alameda to see the beach and of course eat at my favorite sushi place. Luck had it that David just celebrated his birthday so we milked it at the sushi restaurant which goes all out on your birthday.

The real "aha" moment of the day was at the sushi restaurant when D&R asked me what I want to be doing in two years. Yes, the exact question I ask my coaching clients. My response "building social enterprise initiatives in Africa." Whoa... what inner voice said that? I realized, once again, that I'm all about leadership development and that I am motivated to keep my work moving internationally. So, I suggested to D&R that when I get off track, which is my patent panic zone action, they should remind me of my goal by saying my safe word which is "spaghetti" in honor of my mother. That's a whole 'nother story.