June 25, 2008

Meals Make Memories

Hard to believe but I've been back in the States for almost two months. Looking back on the past eight weeks the highlights are the meals I've shared with friends and family. Tonight I'm thanking my generous house-hosts with a meal of dishes inspired by these adventures. Here are some of the dining inspirations...in no particular order...
  • Jerk highlights from my Jamaica adventure and wedding caterer tasting with Matthew, Rachel and Ann
  • Sandwich assembly party with the Century Bike Ride group
  • Giant stir fry to commemorate the world's biggest stir fry I made for mom, dad and grammie in Stamford
  • Maine delights from the picnic and bbq with Sharon Dee-Dee and Jamie
  • Ice Cream indulgence adventure with Matthew at Marlene's house
  • Garrison Keillor Picnic with Rachel, Matthew, Mandeep and Carol
  • Tapas with Damon in Philadelphia
  • Johnny Rockets with Sam in DC
  • Salad extravaganza with Grandma, Aunt Patty and Ben Greenfield in Stamford
  • B. Smith southern delights with John in the DC train station
  • Hot dog indulgence with Grammie in Stamford
  • Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery with Karen and Rachel in Stamford
  • Diner dining with Lori and Jessica to sooth poison ivy in Stamford
  • Wheat-adventures with Marlene in Virginia
  • Fish Tacos at TGIF with Brechin in Philadelphia
  • Delectable eats at the Native American museum with Julie and John in DC
  • Teaism with Bernie during our bike ride side-track
  • Corn bread spood bread at the Hinton birthday extravaganza
  • Tacos with Peyton
  • Home cooked fancy feasts with Matthew and Rachel in DC
  • Scones and tea with Grandma in Greenwich
  • Fish cakes at the wedding I photographed with Geneve
  • Lebanese Tibernia with Matthew and then again with the Bike Group

Now to do some shopping for tonight's meal.