June 29, 2008

The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent...

...was the summer I spent in San Francisco. Thank you Mark Twain for that accurate observation. It is cold here, but also very sunny - at least in some areas. San Francisco: the original home of micro climates.

I had a re-orientation day of the City with my friends Nicole, Grant and Raman. We had brunch on the Bay, visited Raman's Frey Norris gallery near Union Square and topped off the evening at the movies seeing Get Smart. Yes, a full day and you really wouldn't expect anything less from Nicole - the ultimate hostess.

Feeling a bit more like I belong here. Tomorrow heading into the East Bay to visit my bud Rachel. Seeing her will really help me feel at home.

Raman made an interesting comment - he said that I would be the only he knows who could help to establish a cutting edge new arts center because I am the only person that everyone likes and respects and knows can get the job done. Hum. Interesting. After a three year absence my reputation seems to be based on diplomacy.