March 19, 2008

Counterfeit Peeps

As fellow Peeps lovers know this is the time when these yummy treats are ripe for picking and popping. I was trying to explain the joy of peeps to my UK work associates and I could tell they just weren't feeling the love. Unfortunately I ate the box my sister sent over for my birthday so I can't show them a sample.

People either love or hate peeps. There's nothing in between. To prove my theory I asked our current American intern if she likes Peeps - her immediate reaction was to scrunch up her nose and say yuck. I don't begrudge her since I know they are gross. That doesn't mean I can stop eating them.

Searching online for Peeps info I found this fantastic product: Marshmallow Peeps Maker. Unfortunately it seems to be discontinued as this WalMart site says not available online and not available in stores. Maybe peeps year-round would over-saturate the market. Is there a black market for peeps? Counterfeit peeps? Whamo!