January 25, 2008

The Friday Club

Our staff at work is pretty small - just 11 of us. On Fridays it is always down to just two or three for some reason. The cool thing is that we get to crank the radio, which is fun, but otherwise it is kind of quiet and lonely. "Why are we the only ones here?"

Today we decided that we are going to start The Friday Club for us hardcore folks (is working five days a week really hardcore?)

Ideas include:
  • We take turns making lunch - but that does awaken the fear of death in me
  • We take turns deciding which take-away place to order from - nothing too greasy
  • We take turns making a snack like rice crispy treats, fairy cakes (cupcakes), biscuits (cookies) - fear of death again
  • Order pizza - oh that does sound like a good option
  • Get a worker loyalty card and if you're here on a Friday you get a stamp and if you get 10 stamps you get a prize - your paycheck!

Or maybe we should just be pleased that we love work so much and really care about our mission so we work on Fridays. Check please.