October 6, 2007

The English Countryside

This morning I realised that this is really my first visit to the English countryside. The location of the NLP coaching training is in Latimer which is about 40 minutes outside of London and yet still accessible by tube - the Metropolitan Line.

We are nestled on top of a hill in a conference facility that is built around an old English mansion. All around us are rolling hills dotted with horses, cows and criss-crossed with streams and walking paths.

I went for a brief walk this morning and just down the road there is the heart of the Latimer Parish. Six Tudor cottages of differing sizes encircling a green island with a well for watering your animals. Each house has a name such as Old School House or Village Cottage.

It truly felt as though I were walking through a painting, especially when six white doves flew up into the trees. A few minutes later I was near a whispering stream that hosted swans and geese and just nearby cows were nibbling the grass.

The smells here are great too. It reminds me of camp. I remember the smells of grass and soil. When you live in a big city you close your nose. Out here it suddenly re-opens and you enjoy the surroundings with all your senses.

NLP is about using all your senses. I notice here that I've mentioned site, sound, movement and smell.

I'll upload photos when I get home.