October 25, 2007

Conversations not to have at cocktail parties

Last night I attended a cocktail party at which I was the photographer. In other words, it was a work event and I was the photographer, caterer, intern manager and bartender.

One of the guests stopped me mid-photo to introduce me to his friend. He pointed out that we had a lot in common since we were both from the States. I politely chatted for a few minutes and then began to make my move to return to the photo assignment. However, "introducer" stopped me and said, "you both like photography".

The woman then went into how she would like to raise some funds for a sick child. I commended her on the effort. Then she told that her idea was to do a risque calendar that could be sold for charity. Hum, what could possibly be next? An invite to pose? Guess again, she asked if I would take the photos.

Now how do you respond to that? Well, being the learned diplomat that I am - from years of working in the not-for-profit sector, I was able to think quickly on my feet.

Amy: Well, actually you would need special studio lighting for that to make sure the photos are very flattering. I don't have lights with me here in the UK.

Woman: Oh yes, that makes sense. Well, if I were to look up photographers on the internet would I search under boudoir photos?

Amy: No, no, I would look up environmental portraiture. You want photos that are flattering and taken in a comfortable environment.

Woman: Okay, I see, environmental photos.

Ah yes, never a dull moment.