October 26, 2007

British Gas is Commitment-phobic

Well yes, the soap opera of our sordid love affair with British Gas continues. Although I think I have now been officially dumped. Perhaps I mentioned that their district supervisor called and told me that we HAD to meet with a technician yet one more time to sort out our boiler's problems. Sounds like divorce court.

Over the past 10 weeks we have scheduled four appointments with British Gas with each one being cancelled last minute as in I am sitting and waiting and they cancel the date.

Today I took the entire day off from work and sat on the couch waiting for my British Gas technician to arrive. Now it is 4.45pm on a Friday and he still hasn't called, written or shown up. No flowers, no notes, no emails, nothing. I've been dumped. What's a girl to do on a Friday when her date has blown her off?

You are reading it here first - my affair with British Gas is over. They can call and beg for another date but I'm done. I'm not going to sit around and cry about it. I'm going to take a shower and go out into the world.

Oh wait, the boiler may explode. Well, I'm okay with that.