August 27, 2007

All Edinburgh is a Stage

Stephen, our neighbor Laia and I did a whirlwind tour of Edinburgh this weekend taking full advantage of the various festivals. Day one we visited two galleries and three performances and day two was an additional two galleries and the Edinburgh Castle.

We started at the Dean Gallery with the Picasso on Paper exhibition - superb.

Next we crossed the street the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. This at the outdoor portion of the Richard Long exhibition and installation. The show is called Walking and Marking as Stephen is demonstrating here.

Here's a portrait of me and Laia outside the National Gallery of Scotland, host of the Andy Warhol exhibition which was also superb. Laia and Stephen were extra excited as they sited journalist Jeremy Paxman at the show.

This angry old dog caught my attention at a craft festival. Don't be messing with him.

Self-portrait at a cafe we visited on Sunday morning. Next is an overhead shot of Laia and Stephen having coffee/tea at the same cafe.

Here's a guy playing guitar along side a hoover he rigged to play a saxophone. Super strange. Anything goes at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Final image is of Polish stilt walkers who performed Macbeth. They came running up the Royal Mile and scared the crowd aside with their angry noises. I stood my ground and the guy on the left tried to push me over with his stilt. No scaring this arts manager - I've been pushed around by enough artists in my day.

Our favorite performance was by Will Adamsdale called The Human Computer. Tons of audience interaction and it worked.