July 15, 2007

The Yoga Zone

Today I hosted a private yoga class at our flat. Each Saturday my neighbour Laia and I attend a fantastic yoga class at the Portchester Centre (Portchester in London as opposed to Portchester, NY). We've been on a quest to find a class for Sundays that was just as good. One of the substitute teachers at the Portchester offers in-home classes, so we took her up on the offer.

Practicing at your flat and hosting guests it becomes clear that all the good habits you learn in a class are harder to maintain at home. My breathing was constricted and I kept worrying about space. But Tanja, our teacher, reminded us to dance with our breath and half way through the class I was able to get into the yoga zone.

An added benefit is that the class brought us closer together as neighbours. Three of us from this building and another American woman from down the street. We all have some kind of connection - Madalyn lived in Oakland, Laia worked in Texas and Victoria is from New York now working in not for profit arts. She shares a wedding anniversary with Tanja. Welcome to the Yoga Zone.

Photo not of us...yet.