July 20, 2007

Victoria Beckham and Cultural Literacy

If you head over to my other blog Career Goals: Take the Lead you can read updates about the leadership think tank in which I am participating. Yesterday we had an extended conversation about Cultural Literacy which is a new term to me and seems quite buzzy. I couldn't fully embrace the conversation.

Later in the evening I was able to catch the show Victoria Beckham Coming to America. Now I get it. Over in the UK she is considered fascinating but trashy. She never smiles, has three children but is skinny as a pencil and is married to the world's hottest man (second to Stephen) David Beckham. Her move to the US is considered a desperate publicity move.

However, watching her show I can see that she does smile, seems to have a great sense of British humour and is struggling to understand America. In return, Americans are embracing her and I'm sure that the UK is none to happy about that.

Her first month in LA is highlighted on the show. Despite her ample plastic surgery, outrageous clothes and heals so high that she can't actually walk, she is NOTHING in comparison to the wives of LA. She seems downright subtle compared to them. She doesn't take herself too seriously as illustrated by her continuous side-comments. Even after the show ended I continued to giggle out loud about her comment after throwing the first pitch at a Dodgers game, "I thought my silicon would come out my armpit."