July 27, 2007

Naturist vs. Nudist

Now that I have your attention here's a funny story. My work associate was having a phone chat with one of our vendors who mentioned that she is about to go on holiday. Being polite he asked if she was going anywhere interesting. Her response, "In fact, I'm a Naturist and will be at a festival."

OK. What the heck is a Naturist? According to The Naturist Society website Naturists believe, "Everyone's first moments are without clothes, and The Naturist Society believes nudity is still the natural and best way to be."

Well, how does that differ from a Nudist? Ah, the joy of Google, simply type in Naturist versus Nudist and you land on Nudist/Naturist Terminology.

"Essentially synonymous, the terms Naturist/Naturism were originally created as an alternative to Nudist/Nudism in the attempt to dispel negative connotations associated with Nudism. Naturism tends to imply more environmental awareness, free beach values, and recreational nudity, while Nudism tends to be focused more around resorts and living nude full time."

Oh yes, very subtle differences here. Seems to be commerce and recreation that separate the nude from the naked.

As you can imagine this discussion brought much debate to our office and chuckles as well as we imagined her working on our project, at her home office, in the nude.