July 11, 2007

Meet the Authors

Check out this website I discovered which has video clips of your favorite authors talking briefly about their books. www.meettheauthor.co.uk.

Here's a clip of Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence talking about his superb book The New Leaders http://www.meettheauthor.co.uk/bookbites/284.html. I'm on the last few pages. Inspirational.

My friend Kevin Smokler has also just launched a new website called www.booktour.com. Here's what he says about it...

"BookTour.com is a free service that connects authors with audiences who would like to have authors come and speak to them. As such, it also enables book lovers to track when their favorite author is coming to their town and never suffer the "I saw my favorite author was here three days ago when I read about it in the newspaper" fate again."

Kevin recommended that I start this blog and even came up with the name.