July 11, 2007

London becomes familiar...and exotic again

Leaving work today it was the first day that I wasn't instantly swept away in the action of Kings Cross. Instead I exited our building and was still thinking about work, on the tube, work, the walk home, didn't see the architecture, coming around the corner to the flat, just noticed the usual piles of dog pooh along the sidewalk.

I've evolved through several adjustment phases living in London.

Tourist phase
Getting to know my neighbourhood phase
Trying out different tube lines phase
Finding a job phase
Figuring out how people act at work phase
Making friends phase
--End of culture shock phase--
Hanging out at home and being OK with that phase
and now... I just live in a city and travel to work each day phase

There are benefits to this phase in that I'm no longer on the arching learning curve. I've hit the peak and can now relax and enjoy the ride. And no need to worry about finding new challenges as work provides that now. Director, resigned, Head of Finance, resigned, Policy Director, resigned. Actually, maybe the changes at work are distracting me from life in London?

Next phase - Finding life-work balance phase.

Oh, wait, I did have a living in Britain highlight this morning. A gentleman called from Wales to purchase our Gypsy and Traveller Law book. I actually spoke to a Gypsy/Traveller. His mailing address was really quite extraordinary as the words are in Welsh. He translated it for me and each address line meant something beautiful such as white mountain, flowing river. He was interested in my accent while I thought he was far more exotic.

Here's a cool site that will translate a website into any language. I've translated my site www.artsmanagementconsulting.com into Welsh and Arts Management Consulting is Celfau Reolaeth Yn Ymgynghori and this blog is 'r Kweskin Adroddiad.

Back into the American in London phase