July 7, 2007

Just Another Busy Saturday in London

London is an amazing place filled with countless activities. Check out a few of the ginormous events that were going on yesterday in the Capital.
British Grand Prix (outside of London)

Stephen and I watched the Tour de France at the event's promo center called the People's Village in Hyde Park near the Serpentine lake. It was perfect weather - sunny, cool - perfect setting - on the grass alongside the route - perfect viewing - giant tv screen. In fact, I was able to take a lovely two hour nap. When I awoke my first reaction was, "wow, look at all these people watching tv in our living room." Amazing how I could siesta amongst thousands of people clapping, helicopters chopping and a giant tv blaring.

Being into freebies the best part was the sponsor parade officially called the Publicity Caravan, which preceded the riders. The parade of 100 cars felt like a strange France pop invasion. Most of the sponsors are French focused using bullhorns to yell out "buy our products" but in French and of course they are only available in France. All the bystanders looked a bit amused as these vehicles zoomed past us with girls waving, pop music blaring and give-aways flying. Nothing like a scramble between small children, adults and grandparents to get a free sticker.