June 5, 2007

2012 London Olympics Logo

The 2012 London Olympics team launched their brand campaign and here's the logo. The Brits may not complain about customer service but boy they let it rip when it comes to critique. People hate it and the media is having a field day.

The logo is animated, shaking back and forth like a migraine headache. On the website there were all kinds of videos displaying the vibrating logo and apparently people started having epileptic seizures so they removed the footage.

This city is not amused by the Olympics. Tax dollars are being diverted to cover the escalating costs and all kinds of grant funding for Not for Profits is being cut as well. After visiting Montreal Olympic Stadium this summer and hearing their economic horror stories I'm wondering if the Olympics is the cash cow that everyone believes.

Here is one comment from the BBC website blog:

The "branding" fee charged is quite honestly vulgar.I do not dislike it and will be fully behind the Olympic, however, I believe that a great opportunity has been lost.The design should have been an open public contest. WE the tax payers should have been allowed to vote via the phone & net on a BBC Saturday night Lottery Spectacular. WE the tax payers would then have all been included in the process.Revealing that the logo cost £400k is a massive PR own goal. Anyone applying for a lottery grant for a new sports hall at their school must be fuming, Sport England could have built a new one for that sort of money!The cost of the games is a massive issue.This the first example of the Olympic Committee interacting with those who will pay the bill and they have failed miserably