April 8, 2007

Hanging with my peeps at the Cambridge Oxford Rowing Race

Friends and family are sending me Peep related websites, recipes and videos which is a good thing since London is peep-less. I did get a cupcake with a fuzzy little bird on top. I put the bird on my baseball cap so that I could be hanging with my peep. British people didn't get it. I got a few odd looks on the Tube. Odd, meaning that people actually took a moment to look at me sideways.

Here I am with my two peeps - Stephen and the fuzzy bird - while watching the annual Cambridge-Oxford rowing race along the Thames yesterday. Stephen is giving me an air kiss as I take the photo. Peep is on my head.

Photo of the race...

Also photo of the British Navy moving dangerous water obstructions such as logs.

Plus a photo of a lady who was using her dog as a pillow and it caught my eye.