April 19, 2007

Getting High with British Gas

Yet another disaster with British Gas. Our cold water died - yes, not hot, cold. The latest tech is here now and is completely upset about the poor quality job on the boiler. He is a Rastafarian dude that is absolutely freaking out. He walking around looking at all the problems and saying, "you will have problems every day with this boiler.”

Now the tech says that this condensing boiler will create lots of muck and it will never go along the crazy pipes they setup. He has no latter and I don't so he's standing on our dining room table and has placed our benches on top of each other and is on top of those too. I had to hold it in place so he didn't crash.

“They are useless jonies.”

Now we’re on a conversation about the Virginia Tech situation and guns and Mr. Bush and Christians. Never a dull moment with British Gas.

So as not to reveal his identity I have a photo here of British Gas Man’s getup on our table.