April 16, 2007

Etiquette Shmediquette

Etiquette Shmediquette

How do you eat a pancake? Those big fluffy pillows of beige carbohydrate yum should be enjoyed in mouth sized ragged bites perfectly soaked in maple syrup and melted butter. European etiquette says otherwise.

Stephen and I enjoyed brunch in the Notting Hill pub called Harlem on Sunday and I was shocked by patrons’ approach to pancakes. One woman carefully extracted little triangles from her pancake with fork and knife while the man next to us waited a good ten minutes before pouring syrup on his. Injustice to pancakes everywhere.

Proper way to eat a pancake:

1. Immediately spread butter on and between pancakes when they arrive in front of you.
2. Pour syrup on pancake. Make sure it puddles.
3. Cut into pancake with side of fork.
4. Extract segment with tip of fork and carefully place into mouth while turning head to ensure all dripping butter and syrup drip on tongue.

The entire process should take no more than three minutes. Longer and you risk the key melting temperature.

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