April 5, 2007

Dazzle them with your accent

Stephen told me that it is my turn to be exotic. Back in the States people loved his Scottish accent. Simone had the same experience with her London tones in San Francisco. I never really understood what they meant about peole's reactions...until now.

For some reason this past week (Spring?) people have been really bedazzled by my American accent. At work it is customers, board members and vendors. I answer the phone and they stumble with their words. In person they go googly eyed.

Yesterday I was working the registration table at one of our organisation’s seminars for legal professionals. These are mostly senior level folks who make a living being aggressive. At least three of the men went weak in the knees and got all smiley when I spoke to them.

As Simone said in San Francisco – I’m a person, not an accent. Actually, let me be an accent for a while. ...or is it the spectacular hair highlights?