April 1, 2007

Spring Wedding

Another highlight of our US tour was the wedding of our friends David and Rachel. They tied the knot in Tilden Park on a beautiful Sunday highlighted with sunshine and Spring flowers.

Their ceremony was unique in that they stood inside a circle of flowers with the officiator and the flower girl at their sides. It was lovely. A little confusion amongst the guests as to which “side” – bride or groom – they should sit on when all the seats were actually in a circle.

We danced it up Scottish style with friends and family providing the music. I actually felt proficient on the dance floor after the Ceilidh party in August 2005. Stephen and I added a nuance at this wedding – kissing when we met on the dance floor after each turn. We started a trend and other folks followed our lead. If only Stephen had been decked out in his kilt. Well, he chose instead to give the bride a chance be center of attention.
The photos are a bit swishy but they capture the speed of the dancing.