March 25, 2007

Comfortable in Both Countries

Returning to the UK today actually felt very comfortable. London does feel like home, as does the US. Perhaps I am becoming a citizen of the world, able to live in more than one country.

Of course I still had to wait on the Other Passport line at Gatwick airport which is no fun. Stephen zipped into the country with his UK passport and I took an hour of waiting listening to folks scream and cry about why they deserved to be in the UK despite the lack of correct paperwork.

Once out of the airport and onto the Gatwick Express train I immediately recognised the familiarity of being in the UK system. Trains run on time, they are clean, people are efficient and the little beverage cart shows up when announced. The countryside was ancient, as always, dotted with houses, fields and horses lingering under the thick fog.

The sun finally announced itself this afternoon in between marathon naps one and two. I have a cup of tea steeping and we’re watching European sports on TV. Yes, we are home.