December 13, 2006

Club Card Programs Gone Bad

The following is an email I sent to Tesco one of the UK grocery stores. There are so many I don't know why we're using this one if they are so bad with customer service. Fine, call me American, which I am, but I'm not going to roll over and take any more poor customer service like a wimpy dog. Arff.


My husband has lost his card and I would like a replacement plus one for myself. It is a very strange loyalty program that as his wife I can not have a card on his account or get a new card without him being here on the phone with me to talk with you about this request. Is it assumed That I would take his club card points and do something with them? Very strange. It makes me not want to be in your club.

Additionally, you sent us coupons that we are supposed to be able to use online but they do not work. I would use them in the store, although we never shop in the store, but we do not have a card to do so. Very strange. I am regularly very enthusiastic about club card programs but this one is being run like some kind of security bank. Believe me, I would enjoy shopping in your store and using our card to ensure that you can track our purchasing habits. Doesn't bother me as I have a marketing background. But now I'm just not interested in your program, at all.