August 1, 2006

First UK Interview

Had my first UK interview today. Turns out it wasn’t informational – it was the real deal. Good thing I got gussied up. They waited until I was in the UK and able to be interviewed before they decided who to hire. Wow, a viable candid.

Arts is arts is arts. I felt on strong footing during the interview. It was a very candid, frank and professional discussion about the state of the arts in the UK and US. They were concerned about me being able to get up to speed on the UK scene and funding ins-and-outs. My selling point was that you have to learn the ins-outs and agendas (as well as egos) of every client regardless of their country, city and company.

What really caught their attention was my background in person-to-person relationships, which I believe is one of my strengths. Here it is not customary to make individual financial contributions to the arts. My experience with individual donor campaigns, which I tie closely to marketing, audience development, strategic planning and leadership development, are an asset.

The other relationship building they thought was interesting is the way that I cultivate new clients. It is all about networking - being there when someone needs assistance, top of mind, always visible. That’s how I landed almost all my consulting projects and many jobs as well. This consulting firm mostly responds to Requests for Proposals and hopes for repeat business. Cultivating relationships is a priority for them. Maybe it is the American way?

Stay tuned. Fingers crossed.