August 2, 2006

Big Brother is Watching You

This first photo is of Big Brother who is always watching you here in London. CCTV closed circuit television cameras are everywhere. At first I thought this photo was cool - looked like a shadow from something out of Star Wars. Then last night, when Stephen couldn't sleep, he turned on the tv and started watching other people sleep. I totally freaked out. "What are you watching!?" Big Brother he tells me. What? I thought it was an image of us and that the hotel had a camera in our room.

Turns out it is a reality tv show. Must be perfect for insomniacs - encouraging them to sleep by watching others in peaceful bliss. Kinda like one of those Christmas fireplace images they put on tv around the holidays so you can pretend to be sitting around the fire.

Here's a photo of Big Brother Stephen at London Bridge. Notice the Houston hat and the weekend casual scruffy face look.

Other photos are the typical touristy things.