July 21, 2006

This Ain't No Muni

You've seen my review of the Metro rail system - put it aside and make room for the Metro bus system. It is wonderful! Unlike the San Francisco Muni system, which is a lesson in humility, the DC Metro buses are a pleasure to ride. The drivers are friendly, make eye contact, speak to you, OFFER you a transfer and make small talk when you enter and exit the bus.

Yesterday I wandered around Dupont Circle in search of a D6 bus stop and got myself lost. Like a beacon of light the D6 bus appeared from around the corner. I wasn’t close to a bus stop but I took a chance and waived at the driver. He not only smiled through the window but stopped in traffic to pick me up. I apologized saying that I didn’t know the location of the closest stop and he said, “oh, don’t worry about it.”

By the time I got to my stop in the Palisades, where my brother lives, the bus only had a few riders remaining. I noticed they were all young women. It was interesting how we were all doing the same commute and depending on the kindness and guardianship of this driver.

This morning I was at the stop heading in to work and waived down the driver as he approached. You know how Muni is – you’ve practically got to jump in front of the bus if they don’t feel like stopping. Well, the driver pulled up and said, with a big smile, “you thought I was going to pass you, didn’t you?” See, they are looking out for us.