July 10, 2006

Some People Call Them Grease Spots But I Call Them Ugly

Today’s theme is grease. Not the musical or the stuff you find in cars but grease that your body generates.

I’m in DC riding the bus to my first day of the Americans for the Arts Fellowship and I grab a window seat. This is the best way to see DC for $1.25 and also make sure that I don’t miss my stop at K and 15th. Dead center in my view is grease spot. You know those weird window grease sports – are they caused by hair, someone’s face, food? Whose hair is that greasy?

I get to the office and the next grease spot is on my face. How in the world can I still be getting pimples at 37? Make it end. This one is giant and near my chin. All day I imagine people are looking at me thinking, “she’s good but look at that pimple.” It is a scabby one too. To assess the situation I constantly look at other people’s faces to determine if they too have a scabby gross pimple on their face. In fact, most do.

Finally, grease on my skirt. You get out of the house, hope for a wrink-less outfit and then notice a greasy stain that didn’t come out in the washing machine. It is up there with deodorant stains.

Well, all is good. I survived the first day, grease intact, and am invited back again tomorrow. The people here are amazing and the work environment is friendly and supportive.