July 31, 2006

First Impressions of London

Once again I feel very American. There's just something about being American that stands out here - we're more demonstrative, animated, loud (in comparison), and assertive.

Started out doing all the touristy things, such as taking the double decker tour bus around central London. Stephen’s idea – and it was great. Photos to come when I get a UK cable adapter. London Bridges, Tower of London, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace.

The streets are dizzying. It has taken me a good 48 hours to see past the people and actually notice the buildings and shops. So many good restaurants (Thanks Dave for all the suggestions – more places to try!), clothing shops and theatres.

Found ourselves in the gay pride parties in SOHO yesterday. Everyone is beautiful. Like The Castro but with more fashion. Everyone was people watching – even those being watched. Countless men holding hands. I thought San Francisco was the official gay Mecca.

Getting ready for an interview tomorrow with an arts and culture consulting firm. Their office is one block from Stephen’s and just five blocks from our hotel. Fingers crossed. I think this is more of a “let’s hear her exotic accent” kind of meeting. But as Stephen says – work it.