June 22, 2006

Vince and Jennifer vs. Angelina and Brad

Broken Over the Break Up

You can’t help but analyze the “relationship” between Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston when you see The Breakup. Frankly, that was the only reason I agreed to see the film. I don’t think they were or are in love. It is all a publicity stunt. The film was flat and so is their supposed relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad and Angelina sizzled with chemistry. You believed that they were a couple that had a history together and could rebuild their lives despite their attempts to kill each other.

Jennifer came off as a manipulative, angry bitch and Vince was towed around by her behavior. Angelina was in it for herself and so was brad – but they found strength in each other and brought that to the heart of their relationship.

Am I over-analyzing these folks and their movie personas? Heck, I’m not alone. It is like junk food for the brain. So much more interesting than real life.