June 20, 2006

Out of the Land of Wet

Tika cat and I flew out of Houston yesterday during a break in the rain storms. My cousin Julie emailed, “Houston is crying because you are leaving.” It was beyond crying, as Stephen would say, “it was pelting”.

We built our arc in the front yard out of three storage containers into which we placed all of our belongings. For five days we watched as the rain started and stopped in fits and the puddle at the end of our drive grew.

The final night, with all our worldly possessions (the ones that didn’t make the cut to go to London) exposed to the elements, we had visions of soggy books and warped furniture. As the day began to dawn we looked out at the puddle and, despite the endless rain, the water had not risen above the palettes on which they storage units were placed. A miracle!

On the way to the airport we did see some impressive flooding. At one point we got out of the highway traffic to try the frontage road but had to reenter the parade as the flood waters gobbled up cars in front of us. “I finally understand the usefulness of high suspension” Stephen declared as we watched a giant pickup truck, loaded with five guys in garage uniforms, cowboy-it through the water.

Roads were closed, Hobby airport was closed, offices were closed, even schools. This must be Houston's snow days. The airport was chaos. My luggage was lost and is still in-transit from Houston. Texas, let me go!

Photo: From www.accuweather.com. The guys we saw were in the truck, wind blowing in their hair, smiles from ear to ear.