June 22, 2006

Home from College?

Now that I’m staying with my folks for the summer I feel like I’m home from college on break. Must say that being job-less and car-less is really a nice way to live. Yes, I realize that this is not realistic but it is so easy to slip back into those early 20s.

Tika the cat is having her second kittenhood. She’s running, jumping and hunting chipmunks through the window. For a cat with kitty cancer you would think her life would be winding down, not up. Maybe the drugs make her happy.

The weather is lovely. Doesn’t compare to the wet steamy hot of Houston, and I’m okay with that. Ah yes, New England. Seeing the boats along the Long Island Sound, smelling the fresh air, enjoying the rolling hills, it feels like good prep for moving to Old England.